Health, Sickness, and Death

Byron Katie on Health, Sickness, and Death

Every story is about body-identification. Without a story, there’s no body.

Byron Katie

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  1. Some other wise dude said this centuries ago. But he observed it from a wider perspective and noted that by identifying with thoughts, feelings, perceptions this is what causes suffering. Identification creates a story and a sense of self…..

  2. One of the biggest identifications we have is with the body …believing it to be me and mine ….and this identificationn…very hard to dissolve …. is the cause of so much suffering … has to do the work or some relevant meditation diligently to see through it ……and society runs counter current to these ways …though as Katie points out time and again, using external excuses to explain our dilemmas only keeps us in the suffering …Byron Katie plus meditation on thoughts and the cessation of thoughts, practiced diligently will make far reaching dents in this body identification with real peace in the heart the result….

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