Video: How Do I Know When to Leave?

Carey wants to leave her career after eighteen years. “You haven’t left yet because you’re frightened to leave,” Byron Katie says. “What do you fear will happen if you leave?” Carey is afraid she’ll be poor and unable to pay for her child’s college education. Katie helps her imagine a worst-case scenario out of which to write a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, and then guides her in filling it in. Through this process, Carey begins to realize that she doesn’t need a healthy body, a house, or money for school, to be happy.

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  1. I can’t make it through the turnaround of the 6th statement. The “i’m willing to”, “looking forward to” part. I made a judge your neighbour worksheet on my verbally abussive husband and another one on my fears of divorcing him. I made it through “im willing to see my children telling me they miss their dad” (because that’s my worst fear of divorcing) but i can’t make it through this other turna round: “im looking forward to being insulted and shouted at by my husband”. Pelase help me. I can’t help feeling miserable when it happens. And i even think that if i manage not to feel that way things could change in our Relationship, even if they don’t, i don’t want to keep feeling that way.

  2. As far as I can tell the only way to look forward to that would be because you know it when it happens, it’s pushing you out the door and that will be a good thing!

  3. The children may get a scholarship and get financial aide all on their own. After you tell them that you can not afford it. Let them work it out.
    Children may just get a top notch type of job on their own and help you with a bill or a class. Don’t leave your job until you find the field in which you wish to work in; or take a course in school while working. Just a few ideas. I don’t know if i got it or not. Just trying to help.

  4. Hello,
    I have been in emotional pain since forever. I have not been able to find a way out.
    I continue to create situations that will keep me right in the middle of suffering.
    I was sexually abused as a child and probably in todays terms, neglected but at 66 I don’t think I can continue to use this history as my excuse. I want my last years to be more settled and I just don’t want to pain any longer. I think about dying many times during the day….my whole adult life. I am so weary. My last thought before I go to bed is please don’t let me wake up.
    I have managed to be well educated with a doctorate degree and to have great jobs that never work out for me- my relationships are all pretty awful. I work all the time to prevent time alone because of significant anxiety. It has been a life time of misery but you give me hope that I have the ability to change this,,,, even this late in my life.
    Can you please help me? I find your tapes bring calm and a sense of security….
    Perhaps I can see you individually- not sure if you have individual appointments or I can plan to attend a workshop?

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