Video: I Could Have Done It Differently


Carmella from Atlanta lost her temper with close friends and made them leave her home. She asks, “How do I get over this without forgiveness and without any accountability from them?” Byron Katie says, “I can be accountable for my part; that’s all that I can do.  What I am thinking and believing is what causes my anger, not anything that they said or did.” Katie guides her in meditating on the moment when she was angry, so that she can capture her thoughts on paper, question them, and set herself free.

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  1. Katie describes an ideal way to respond to the request of the people staying with her. My problem is that I can (usually) think of such replies long after the event as this person did. What way could I do the Work so that I think of such a response at the time? I often have the situation where I flare up at the time which often leads to a problem. Perhaps I can do TW on: “I should not respond to people with anger.” OR “I should not get triggered by what people say.”

    What do people think? Has anyone had experience with this.

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