Video: He Gave Up on Me

A young woman is heartbroken because she believes that her boyfriend gave up on her. She describes being on a plane and hearing a song that she once sang to him. In that moment, she feels hopeless and angry at the world. Byron Katie guides her to drop into stillness, question the thought, and meditate on the turnaround “I gave up on him.” “This is intimacy—mind understanding itself,” Katie says.

Other concepts she questions are: “I want him to see me,” “I want him to give me another chance,” “I want him to open his heart to me,” “I want only him,” “I want him to understand me,” “He should see where I was coming from,” “He shouldn’t be so stubborn,” “He should see how much I’ve changed,” “He should see how good we could be now,” “I need him to take me back,” and “I need him to trust me.” Katie invites her to turn each of these thoughts around and wake herself up.


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  1. Que bonito que pudieran subtitular en español los videos, todos son tan interesantes y ayudan tanto que al no estar subtitulados, se puede perder lo tan importante que es el The Work para la gente.

  2. I just watched your video, “He gave up on me.” It resonated with me 100% I am very new to The Work, 2 days actually. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day…and although we will not be sharing it together, as I wrote my Judge Your Neighbor worksheet, I see now that I things I’ve accused him of, I actually have done the same to him. And yes I want him back, and no, not right now, not the person I still am. I have a lot of work to do on myself. My question is, I want to apologize, period with no response. I want to say I am sorry that I verbally attacked you, I am sorry that I wasn’t consistent, I am sorry that when I became uncomfortable I literally left. Can I do that? I would like him to know that I was wrong with no strings attached.

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