Parents and Children

Byron Katie on Parents and Children

We’re all five-year- old’s. We don’t know how to do this thing called life. We’re just learning how – Byron Katie

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  1. Well Byron, you apparently know enough to be able to blame child rape victims for causing their rape by not being “loving” enough children.

    To be able to tell child rape victims that they raped themselves, caused their rape from their lack of love for the pedophile, and ask them to specify what “part they played” in their rapes, it’s very clear that you are the one who lacks love.

    Hopefully in time you learn that telling child rape victims that they caused their own rapes to happen, that they were not loving enough and so it happened, and that they need to explain the part they played in getting their child selves raped – is what most people would call “not knowing” how to do life – at all. (various interviews, especially from the “loving what is” disk)

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