Love, Sex, and Relationships

Byron Katie on Love, Sex, and Relationships

It has been a life’s work to make our partner wrong. Then when we enter inquiry, we lose. It’s a tremendous shock. And it turns out to be grace. Winning is losing. Losing is winning. It all turns around – Byron Katie

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  1. I came to self-inquiry through the book: I Need Your Love, Is That True? At the time, I thought my religion was Christianity, but after reading this book several times, I realized my religion was: “I Need Your Love.”

    It didn’t matter who it was, I was seeking love from everyone, but I was so fixated on one particular person who I thought could complete me. I came to realize that that person was actually me.

    Sometimes I think that I would love it if I could find someone to write Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets on me to make certain that I am not missing anything keeping me from kindness toward myself. And, then I remember that I do: It’s me! I can do that!

    I am certainly open to sharing my love of life and self-inquiry with another person, as an added bonus. But, until then I am having a blast judging the world on paper, and writing about anyone and anything that I can think of, including myself.

    And, when I need to read someone’s JYN Worksheet about me, I trust it will show up right on time.

    I love you, Katie,

    I love you world,

    I love you, thoughts,

    I love you, me,

    I love, that I love. -matthew j hardy 🙂

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