Surviving Sexual Assault

On April 29th I was attacked by five armed men with balaclavas. I was tied up, beaten, and sexually assaulted. I realized that night that I might be killed. I remembered Byron Katie’s words when she spoke of having a gun put to her belly. “If these were your last breaths, wouldn’t you want to be present?” I made the choice of savoring every breath! I believe that through her teachings she saved my life. I stayed calm and present throughout the horror that went on for hours.

I want to incorporate trauma counseling into my work, since there is a lot of violence and crime in South Africa. I want to share my experience and The Work and show people that they don’t have to suffer for the rest of their lives from a trauma. I believe I am being called to facilitate healing for others, and I want to participate deeply in the 2016 School so I can really prepare well to facilitate The Work effectively. I also experienced my dad’s death as a special gift, thanks to Byron Katie again. I have so much gratitude and so much to give and share with others. I don’t hate my attackers. I said “God bless you” when they left. Everyone has been amazed by my attitude and the way I have dealt with my attack.



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  1. Wow. I’m deeply impressed. And how clear it becomes what your calling is, and your true nature, when you go through such traumatic experiences with The Work in your mind and heart… XXX

  2. Amazing. You could not control your attacker’s actions. But you took control of whether you would contribute to your own suffering with your beliefs. An example of strength and pure love for yourself, and for everyone that you will be helping in your future.

  3. You are a living example of the possibility of living a life of clarity, freedom, and inner peace despite the circumstances and situations we face in our lifetime. Bless your heart and thank you for sharing your experience. It certainly continues to be a source of inspiration to me as I serve myself and others through inquiry.

  4. What a beautiful soul you share ~ The Work is changing my world where nothing else has quite like it ~ and I’m grateful to hear your story of your ongoing sharing and inspiration for others. Wow!

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