2016 Event: No-Body Intensive

No-Body Intensive

5-8 December 2016


The No-Body Intensive, Byron Katie’s four-day guided exploration of your belief system, lovingly questions the main aspects of identity and brings to awareness everything identity is made of. Experience for yourself how identity is created, what it feels like to hold it, and how to un-create everything that isn’t your pure essence.

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  1. Having completed the four days all I can say is “Just Do It”. I knew I had beliefs that were causing me stress, unhappiness, anger and etc. I didn’t seem to able to exam them well doing the work without others. Byron Katie gave us many beliefs to examine that I wasn’t even aware of. I had no idea how much stress these beliefs were adding to my life. Doing the work in this environment taught me how to do the work with results. It was also helpful to see how others were carrying tons of beliefs weighing them down with, stress, unhappiness, anger, resentment and etc. When I left I was a different person from four days earlier. I now have the knowledge of how to apply the work to help free myself from the limiting beliefs that keep me from experiencing joy, happiness, connection, and etc.

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