Video: Donald Trump Frightens Me

Dixie is frightened by Donald Trump because she’s afraid he will dismantle Obamacare and Social Security, ruin our economy, deport her immigrant neighbors, undermine the effort to combat global warming, abolish women’s reproductive rights, put us at risk of nuclear war, risk planetary destruction, and take away her hope for our country.

As Byron Katie helps her question her fears, Dixie begins to understand how it’s the images in her mind that frighten her, not Donald Trump. “When we believe our thoughts,” Katie says, “we’re hypnotized. This very moment is the only opportunity we have to make real change. The gift of life goes on no matter what you’re thinking and believing. Reality is always kinder than the story we’re believing about it.”

Follow-up message from Dixie: “For the first time since November 8th, I am meeting the new morning on its own terms. And as a result, in this moment, all is well in “my kitchen.'”


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  1. This was SO helpful. So good to know that life continues to go on no matter what I believe about it. Reality is always kinder than the story I am believing about it.

  2. Fear actually is a safe guard for human beings for survival. Sometimes fear is an appropriate response. Fear of an authoritarian government for example is not unfounded as in the case of our current federal administration. That is why so many intelligent citizens are aroused at the moment. They are experiencing the reality of a very ugly truth–that a an mysogynist racist group of millionaires have power to destroy our natural world and civil rights. One does not have to become incapacitated or neurotically obsessed with this or have their equanimity completely derailed. However it is a time in history for all good men and women to take action on their well founded fear. I sleep well but take up the work on protecting democracy in the morning.
    The comments here soothing this woman’s fear are too simplistic and do not address the real problem carefully enough.

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