Video: I’m Afraid of Trump

A woman suffering from a deep-seated fear of Donald Trump questions her many thoughts about him. “He will create concentration camps,” she has written on her Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, “cause a nuclear war, and ruin the environment. I want him to not be president, to disappear, or at least to get a better, kinder set of cabinet members. He should step aside and offer the space to Hillary Clinton or another Republican candidate. Trump shouldn’t say things that are racist, sexist, able-ist, homophobic, and xenophobic.”

Slowly, with Katie’s help, she questions these terrifying thoughts, sometimes with the help of the audience, and the heaviness of the thoughts begins to dissolve. After completing the inquiry, she has a moment of insight, as she realizes that it is the thoughts that create her fear, not Trump. She proceeds to tear up her Worksheet in a flourish of delight, to cheers from the audience. Katie turns to her with a smile and says, “You’ve just made America great again!”


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  1. One cannot simply rewrite the known laws-of-physics to make propaganda true.
    Always inquire for the truth which does not rely on f e e l I n g s alone.
    “The world is a safer place when the (non-Arab) people who intended, engineered, directed and are covering up 9-11 have not been identified, arrested or brought to Justice.
    … and, certainly, it will never again happen.”
    Is this true ?

  2. thanks, now I can see, how much of our thinking contains judgements, and any judgement is arrogant, and we have no real right to judge, it means Separation, thank you, love, hugs, monika

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