When you deeply…

When you deeply appreciate and look forward to people criticizing you, you’re free. What a gift!


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  1. I believe this to be true. Criticism is not criticism. It is only the speaker’s beliefs being expressed in the moment. I can choose to link my beliefs with your beliefs. and we can find agreement or disagreement around our beliefs. However, I prefer no opposition, no defence, no truce, no discussion, and no understanding. I prefer to sit quietly with you and listen if you wish to speak. It turns out I have nothing to say. You can ask me questions though I doubt my answers and I’ll say that. But maybe I’ll notice the sun is shining, or I’m thirsty, or my body wants to get up and move. My prayerful thoughts in that moment are that I’ll remember how wonderful life is, what gifts we are, and the joy we find in spending time with each other. Let us then proceed together with these thoughts in mind.

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