I Prefer What Is….

I am a woman without a future. I prefer what is. That is freedom – Byron Katie


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  1. Me too! Happy to be here and happy to be at peace with others like you. Thank you for your teachings. A Thousand Names for Joy starts each morning’s practice when I awake, gratefully, as I’ve become a miserable failure at doing the Work then. Long before I get to the first question (Is it true?) my mind starts to doubt and question the first morning’s troubling thought. In the morning I withdraw it seems naturally from the upset that comes with negative unloving thinking and my heart wants to stay serene in a quiet still body. I’m too close to sleep and God in the mornings to do the Work. If my mind can’t release its first negative unloving thought, something soon comes to help: my cat needs a head rub, the sounds of nature break through the window or, my favorite, I think I need to get up and go to the bathroom. I reach for your book soon after. I so love waking up in the morning and finding it there at my bedside as I prepare to meet the thoughts of the day.

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