Podcast: Something Terrible is Going to Happen—Interview: Byron Katie

Byron Katie speaks with Deborah Beauvais of the “Love by Intuition” show on 1510 AM WMEX Boston. Katie describes, in detail, her experience of awakening and the beginning of The Work. Then she guides Deborah in doing The Work on the thought “Something terrible is going to happen.”

DEBORAH: Could you share a little bit about what woke you up? I know that you had thoughts of suicide for years.

KATIE: I was so depressed for more than a decade, and was also agoraphobic. To be a shut-in, and stuck with what’s in your head with no way out, was hell.

Then, there was a moment without a thought. There was no I–no experience of a self–just this identification-less space. And then I became aware of the thoughts that arose, and I began to laugh. I noticed that prior to the thoughts, I experienced what they call “the peace that passeth all understanding.” Afterward, once comparison returned, I saw that this state of mind was heaven. Just prior to the mind’s arising, nothing had a name. This experience in and of itself is not important, but what came out of it was the clear realization that when I believed my thoughts, I suffered, and when I didn’t believe them, I didn’t suffer. And out of that realization, came a way to question who and what we are with our stories. And who would we be without our stories?

DEBORAH: We tend to gravitate to suffering, like it’s in our DNA.

KATIE: That suffering is how we stay identified. It’s how the ego exists.

DEBORAH: Do we feel first when we have a thought, or are we having thoughts first and then feel?

KATIE: We’re more aware of our feelings first, but when we get still enough to notice, you may see, as I have, that we think first, then images of past and future happen so quickly that we don’t even realize that they’re happening. So it’s think, feel, act, have. I refer to this as the order of creation; the creation of your own world.

“When it argues with reality, the ego is up against the greatest power in the world: love.” —Byron Katie

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