Book Tour: 21 September 2017 A Mind at Home with Itself hosted by InsightLA

Step into an evening of radical self-inquiry with Byron Katie, as she launches her new book, A Mind at Home with Itself. The book weaves the brilliant clarity of the Diamond Sutra with the power of The Work, her method of self-inquiry. Katie will engage participants, using The Work, which is so sharp that it can cut through the most obstinate stressful thought and lead you to the freedom that is your birthright.


When the mind understands its true nature, it becomes an unceasing flow of delight. —Byron Katie, from A Mind at Home with Itself


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  1. HI,

    I signed up for the event in Beverly HIlls next week and I have to go out of town due to postponing my trip this week because of Irma.

    May I get a refund or use it towards the even here in October?

    Thanks so much,

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