Podcast: No One Can Hurt Me, That’s My Job—The Work of Byron Katie


Byron Katie expands on the statement “No one can hurt me; that’s my job” for an audience member at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center. The man, the son of a Holocaust survivor, questions how this viewpoint could apply to victims of violent crime, war, and hate. “There are a lot of people being hurt by a lot of other people today,” he says, “and this statement sounds a little privileged.” “That’s why I’m standing here,”Katie says. “You don’t have to suffer that kind of hurt. You can get clear. And if you can get clear, someone else doesn’t have to suffer that.”Katie walks through a hypothetical scenario that illustrates how the mind creates its own suffering by imagining an event in a future that doesn’t exist. Katie points him to his immovable true nature. “You don’t have to notice it; it’s always there. It’s yours, it’s perfect, it’s immovable. And it hurts when you argue against it.” When I’m walking to the gas chamber, other than what I’m thinking and believing, what an amazing day!

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  1. I have been using the work “judge your neighbor work sheet and the 4 question + the turn around – and no matter what I do, it makes me feel like ” I guess it must be my fault then” If my surroundings are a reflection of me, I should destroy myself, honestly!, and the world would be a better place!!!!

  2. In a way yes. Destroy your idea of yourself but in a loving kind way.And that is why we need all these examples and to listen because it takes work to understand it and be open at the same time.

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