The Book Tour Begins

I hope to see you as I travel on book tour for A Thousand Names for Joy with Stephen.

Here’s the schedule. Please come see me if you can.

Tues., Feb. 6
[7:30-9:00 pm] Reader’s Books Sonoma, CA

Wed., Feb. 7
[7:00-8:30 pm] Book Passage Corte Madera, CA

Thurs., Feb. 8
[7:30-9:00 pm] First Congregational Church [w/ Cody’s Fourth Street] Berkeley, CA

Fri., Feb. 9
[7:30-9:00 pm] East-West Bookstore Mountain View, CA

Sat., Feb. 10
[7:00-8:30 pm] First Congregational Church [w/ Gateways Bookstore] Santa Cruz, CA

Sun., Feb. 11
[1:00-5:00 pm] Unity Palo Alto Church Palo Alto, CA

Tues., Feb. 13
[7:00-8:30 pm] Powell’s Books Portland, OR

Wed., Feb. 14
[7:30 – 9:00 pm] University of WA – Kane Hall [w/ University Bookstore] Seattle, WA

Mon., Feb. 19
[7:30 – 9:00 pm] Unitarian Universalist Congregational Church [w/ ARK Books] Santa Fe, NM

Tues., Feb. 20
[7:30 – 9:00 pm] Unity of Boulder Church [w/ Boulder Bookstore] Boulder, CO

Wed., Feb. 21
[7:30 – 9:00 pm] Tattered Cover Denver, CO

Fri., Feb. 23
Kripalu Lenox, MA

Mon., Feb. 26
[7:00-9:00 pm] Learning Annex New York City, NY

Thurs., Mar. 1
[7:00-8:30 pm] Transitions Bookplace Chicago, IL

Sat., Mar. 3
[2:00-3:30 pm] Changing Hands Tempe, AZ

Tues., Mar. 6
[7:30 – 9:30 pm] Pacific Design Ctr [w/Bodhi Tree Bookstore] West Hollywood, CA

Wed., Mar. 14
[7:00-9:00 pm] Malaprop’s Bookstore/Cafe Asheville, NC

Fri., Mar. 16
[6:00-9:00 pm] Unity of Louisville Church Louisville, KY

From the New Year’s Mental Cleanse

Here are a few audio clips from the New Year’s Mental Cleanse:

My mother doesn’t accept my African side…

I don’t want to be rejected by a woman again…

I need my computer to always work perfectly…

Notice how our stories stop us from embracing reality.

A famous artist used to say that the best way to see things as they really are is to bend down, look back between your legs, and observe the world upside down. Because your mind doesn’t recognize this “reality,” it doesn’t interpret or judge what you’re looking at. Now you are free to see the world as it really is. Unfortunately, this kind of “ambush” on the mind doesn’t last very long. Your mind catches up to you and brings back all the stories that you still believe in.

For me, reality is very simple. I begin and end with “Is it true?” And The Work follows.

A Note from Phoenix

A beautiful note from a friend in Phoenix:

“Kent and Carol in Phoenix are 84 and 80. They recently discovered The Work and are as excited as anyone I’ve met about it. They purchased the first two seats at the Phoenix event and were there in the front row. Kent has asked his daughter and son-in-law, who have done the School, to do The Work with their family at an upcoming family reunion. They had over 35 family members in attendance at the Phoenix event. Kent carries Loving What Is with him and quotes from it. At a recent family gathering, he read aloud the several pages regarding “my business, your business, and God’s business.” He loves that!! He also loves the story of Katie and her children’s socks. He was so inspired by it that he decided to stop mentally complaining about his neighbor’s overgrown lawn and go over and mow it. Which he did! He just giggled as he told us the story. At 84, he is discovering “Loving What Is” and I am not just talking about the book.”

What’s the difference between the School for The Work and The Work?

I just received an email with this question: “What’s the difference between the School for The Work and The Work?”

The Work is offered at no charge through, web site, and the booklet, The Work of Byron Katie, An Introduction – The Little Book.

The School for The Work on the other hand, is a nine-day event. It’s for people who are tired of their suffering, people who long for freedom, who really want to know the truth and are ready for peace.

In the School for The Work, I take people through every nightmare I ever experienced. (No nightmare is foreign; we carry them all inside us.) I show them how to walk themselves through everyone of their own fears, until they are confident that they have the key to the end of their own suffering alive within them. If they have a problem, real or imagined (all problems are imagined), we work with it. I take them into the depths of hell and out again. We travel. All are welcome, and I love that my staff is entirely made up of earlier participants in The School.

Imagine the most painful experiences you’ve ever had—with your parents, your partner, your friends, your children.

Now imagine your life without that pain.

How would things be different? What if you no longer felt attached to your fears, your self-judgments, or your disappointments? What if, for the rest of your life, you couldn’t play the victim, and you even welcomed problems?

The School makes this a possibility. Only you can decide how The School will change your life. The deeper you go in, the more your world changes.

On the first evening, I sometimes ask the participants what they want to take home from The School. They say things like “I want peace of mind” or “I want to be free” or “I want to be a more loving person” or “I want to be less anxious about my problems” or “I want to be less self-absorbed” or “I want to live without fear” or “I want to be happy, whether I have a lover or not.”

By the end of The School, they all say that they have found a way of to end their suffering, and that they got even more than what they originally wanted. People come out so changed that their families are entirely grateful and often astounded. The Work has awakened within every participant who comes with an open mind, and there is nothing that they can do to shut it down. Once the four questions are alive inside you, your mind becomes clear, and therefore the world you project becomes clear. This is more radical than anyone can possibly imagine.

You can listen to an clip in which staff members, a recent graduate of The School, and I answer questions about the School for The Work. I facilitate The Work with a women on her anger at God and with a man on his frustration with his wife’s blaming.

For more information about when the next School for The Work is, check out our events page.

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