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South Carolina Grief Project

After receiving the following letter from Justin, I immediately invited all Certified Facilitators to specifically be available for all the people whom Justin and many of us care about so deeply. Certified Facilitators, please go to the Helpline and volunteer your time to those people wanting help through their recent tragedy. For those of you wanting help, please go here. Our facilitators are here to support you on the Helpline, free of charge.

Thank you, Justin, on behalf of everyone who understands the suffering that grief and fear can bring, and on behalf of all of us at the Institute for The Work of Byron Katie, our gratitude for the invitation to serve peace.

In the interest of peace and the end of suffering,
Byron Katie and the Certified Facilitators at the Institute for The Work of Byron Katie

P.S. The Helpline is a volunteer-based service offered around the clock, seven days a week, as volunteers are available. This helpline is for people new to The Work and for those needing occasional help or support in doing The Work.

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Justin’s letter:

Dearest lovely Byron Katie,

My name is Justin H. and I am a 26 year old, South Carolinian living abroad currently in Mallorca, Spain, teaching English. I am writing to you now in what I would call a “completely out of character” way, but after reading this morning´s news about the truly heart-breaking gun attack in the place where I grew up, I haven’t been able to focus on anything else but writing you this email.

As Mallorca is an island in the Mediterranean, normally I would be enjoying this paradise on earth, and reveling in the wonderful fact that I have distanced myself from SC, which I once believed to be such a backward, suffocating, and unloving place to live, but I have recently come to truly SEE, by doing The Work, that this idea was simply the filter that I chose to see it through. I CANNOT thank you enough for bringing such clarity into my life and in such a short amount of time (I discovered you and your fabulous body of accessible ideas in another book only 2 weeks ago), and I think ALL of South Carolina deserves this same blessing. It´s our birthright, as I’ve heard you put it.

In the news today I have simply been witnessing the storm of panic…people fighting political wars in message threads…de facto discussions about the history of racism in the United States…gun-control debate renewed…intrigue into profiling this young shooter…is capital punishment appropriate for him or not…is the United States a fundamentally bad place…which news sources have right on their side and which are racist…is the Governor´s response to the shooting heartfelt enough…should the Confederate flag be removed…and all I can think is THIS:

THEY ARE MISSING THE POINT TO BRING ABOUT TRUE CHANGE… (Well, not all of them are missing the point…)

Chris Singleton, the son of victim Sharonda Singleton said, “So if we just love the way my mom would, then the hate won’t be anywhere close to where the love is.”

(To me, these beautiful lives are the point.)

What I´m asking, Katie, as a man with limited resources and connections, and literally thousands of miles from my home (at least physically) is this: Can you help open a dialogue among the people of South Carolina and show them your wonderful way, as you have shown me, that transcends racism, politics, violence, and FEAR. If I can catch a whiff of freedom in two weeks, thanks to YOUR Work (OUR Work, as you might say), then I can only imagine what it can do for all the people of South Carolina and the nation in such a time of true need for its universal message. Can you help us to make the way our people think, as beautiful as the land the live in???

A very big request from an eternally grateful fan.

Thanks for your consideration,

How do I Forgive Myself?

The email below was submitted for a Conversation with Byron Katie webcast from S. in Rhode Island.


Hi Katie,

I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wisdom from Loving What Is with me: A 40-year-old mom who FINALLY removed the painful thoughts haunting me my whole life, going as far back as 30 years ago!


Using your Method, inquiry, 4 questions and turnaround, I have detached myself from so many negative thoughts and forgiven people for any wrongdoing. But, when I judge myself with a truth like: “I want to forgive myself for my mistakes,“ “I want to not be so hard on myself,” or “I wish I could love everyone in my life effortlessly,” or “I wish I had more self-confidence,” and the list goes on and on. How do I find this peace in myself? I just don’t know.



Dearest S.,

I suggest that you close your eyes with that in mind as you begin to clearly locate one of those apparent mistakes in your life. Locate a situation where later you were hard on yourself. Or you can begin to recall a situation where you were not effortlessly loving someone, a moment when you were not loving toward a friend, stranger, family member, a situation where you weren’t self-confident, and fill in a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on any of those situations, writing from that moment in time.

Let me know how you do, angel. There is no moment in time that you cannot recall as vividly as possible, collect your thoughts, write them down, question them, and set yourself free.

Loving you,

Fearful Judgments Belong on Paper

The email below was submitted for a Conversation with Byron Katie webcast from S. in Hungary.

Hello Katie,

I’ve been a long practitioner of The Work and despite that, I’m stuck. Lately I’ve fallen into the bad habit with my girlfriend of excessively judging our country and the world, despite all the beauty that there is.

I feel that this kind of non-conscious behaviour is causing a great roadblock in my life and I find it very hard to question this even when I have moments of clarity.

With kind regards,


Dear S,

I invite you to judge your country on the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. That is where all fearful judgments about world and country belong. For example, if I express my fearful theories to someone, such as, “Our country is ….. Our leaders are ….” (fill it in yourself), and in that moment I am upsetting myself and upsetting any listener who may believe what I think I believe, then I am very clear that upsetting you or me is not the path that interests me. So how do I come to know what is true and what really matters? I identify and question the thoughts that take my awareness away, that take “me” away from my life now and plunge me into horrors that don’t exist in reality, right here right now, in the moment and place where I can be of use, and if I am fearful, I’m not serving what I want and am clearly directed to serve. So rather than inflicting painful, unquestioned beliefs onto others, I find it kind to test them first, on paper, running them first through my authentic self. This process can only be appreciated within me, so my family is spared those fear tactics of mind that I used to hold onto so tightly.

Thank you for your email,

Shootings in Paris

The email below was submitted from the United Kingdom for a Conversation with Byron Katie webcast in regards to the events in Paris, France on 7 January 2015.


Q: How should the world react to the shootings in Paris this week?

Katie: Exactly the way they reacted. How did you react to the shootings in Paris?

Notice what you were thinking and believing. Were you able to stop what you were thinking, saying, doing, believing, in the moment you experienced it happening?


Q: How can we stop the response to it just creating more hate?

Katie: “The response is creating more hate”—is it true? Etc. Or is it not wiser that you look at your own responses, any response of hate, fear, etc. within you?


Q: Can religious extremists ever live peacefully side by side?

Katie: Is there someone in your life that you can’t live side by side with in total peace? I suggest that you begin there, dearest. If you can’t do it, why would you think that others can? Peace really is up to you. When do you begin? Always now.


For more information, visit

Winning and Losing in Relationships

The email below was submitted for a Conversation with Byron Katie webcast from A. in Sweden.


Dear Katie,

Sometimes I think that I am stuck in relationships that are no good, for instance when I argue heavily with someone. If things get heated, thoughts like “This is not the type of relationship I want to be in, I am looking for something and someone who can do, better!”

or “This type of argument is reason enough for me to leave!” and usually I storm out, determined never to look back.

When cooled down, I do look back and think that my negative thoughts are probably not true, and that it only takes one person for a happy relationship. I will then do The Work and take responsibility for my part, but it tastes a little bit bitter still, as if I am compromising myself in order to be able to stay and not have to leave the relationship.

Can you please talk a little bit about doing the work with a motive? I find it a bit difficult to make the distinction between “This is another way I deny myself and my integrity,” and “It’s just my thinking there’s something wrong with him.”



Dearest L.,

Are you into winning and losing as a game within yourself? When I win one of those arguments, do I lose an opportunity to Work through my thoughts, or am I teaching myself that freedom comes from winning an argument with myself? “If he really loved me he would….! I would ….!”, or maybe, “If he were really valuable he would ……, wouldn’t …….” “I would ……, wouldn’t ……”

Just because we love someone and have a really good relationship with him doesn’t mean we have to be in a partner kind of mental relationship with him. Don’t you stay in relationship because you want something or because you fear losing something? What is it for you? What you discover in your answers are the motives that are driving you. Your answers, the ones that reveal your motives, may give you a really interesting Worksheet.

Love without choice,

Working with Alzheimer’s

The email below was submitted for a Conversation with Byron Katie webcast from A. in Sweden.


Dear Katie,

Thank you for bringing The Work out in the world. It has helped me greatly. This past year there is an issue I have had trouble working through. Here it is coming from my scared thoughts:

My father is in his early 60s and has got a rare kind of Alzheimer’s or frontal lobe dementia. The doctors are not sure yet of which diagnosis it will be. If it is Alzheimer’s, then there is a medication that can slow down the process. If it is frontal lobe dementia the process will be more aggressive, leading to loss of speech and apathy. Eventually the body breaks down and the doctors do nothing to support it. You die at quite a young age. Frontal lobe dementia is caused by a mutated gene, and there is a risk that I have it and will suffer the same fate. It scares me terribly to have to see my father getting worse and worse and to not know if that same terrible disease will happen to me. I get thoughts of not having children on my own and have trouble functioning through the day due to anxiety, heavy thoughts, and fear. It can feel like my life is over. Please help.




Dearest A.,

Here are some thoughts for a sample Worksheet that you can put up against inquiry:

1) I’m scared because my father has Alzheimer’s.

2) I want my father’s Alzheimer’s to stop progressing. I want my father to be healthy, happy, and lucid.

3) My father’s disease should stop progressing. His disease shouldn’t be passed on to me.

4) I need this fear to go away. I need Alzheimer’s to stop being such a threat.

5) My father’s disease is unreliable, getting worse, and has been passed on to me.

6) I don’t ever want to have Alzheimer’s. I don’t ever want to have dementia. I don’t ever want to see my father becoming worse and worse.

These are just examples of fear-making thoughts. I suggest that you be thorough, sweetheart, as you write your own Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. If you need more help, don’t hesitate to go to and find one of our very fine Certified Facilitators to support you.

Loving what is and what isn’t,


Sitting with the Turnarounds


Thank you, Byron Katie. These turnarounds are so helpful. I can feel how they resonate within me. What I also found interesting is how you reflect on the original statement right before you do the turnarounds. I can see how this sort of naturally comes up in the process. Is this like an extra thing to do to close of the process of the questions and move on to the turnarounds? Like the extra questions we sometimes ask?



Thank you for asking, Carmen. I love that you see how naturally the statement arises (remains) before the turnarounds. So, no, it’s not really an extra thing that I do; it’s what I am shown as the statements meet each of the four questions one by one. And then turnarounds are shown to us, automatically, in the silence. And yes, throughout inquiry I’m always reflecting on the original statement, the specific situation, statement #1, on the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet. I anchor the statement, and, one statement at a time, I question the statement and witness; I experience the answers revealing themselves to me. I really want to know the truth and am actually inviting the unknown to show me, like a prayer. I am able to witness and listen closely, and I often feel that the answers, no matter what they may be, give me what I have longed for. It may occasionally feel like the death of what was, as I see from these new eyes. Also, if I’m not asking anything authentically, nothing happens but ego, of course. So the question is “Am I really asking? Am I being authentic in my asking? Do I really want to know the truth, or do I want to stick with what I think I already know and continue to get what it gives?” I really do want to know, and in that fearlessness and out of that silent listening, each question is answered. It’s the same for each turnaround and what that turnaround means to me within the specific situation I am focused on.

I do hope these words help to support your process, dearest.

Letter from Prison

Dear Byron Katie,

I first read your book Loving What Is in 2012 shortly after I was arrested. It was given to me by my parents. I was very doubtful that I would like or learn anything from your book. I believed that I was hopeless and that who I was just the way I was. It truly seemed that my suffering was endless. Your book enabled me to change my perception of myself. I looked deeper into myself than I ever had in the previous 28 years of my life. And I found something amazing: ME! Along with hope, happiness, joy, self-love, understanding, and so much more. I found peace from thoughts I’d attached to all the way back to my childhood. I let go of so much anger and sadness. The Work assisted me to get to the point where I could start moving forward again. After I forgave myself and started loving myself, I began rebuilding relationship with my family. I’ve never been closer with my family or myself. I believe inquiry is the greatest and most powerful human tool. I am eternally grateful to you for teaching me.

I am currently incarcerated in Bonne Terre Correctional Center, located in Bonne Terre, Missouri. I am very active in all the programs they offer here. Currently I’m attending a program called Pathways to Change. I spoke with the staff teaching the class and got permission to present The Work to our class. I’m very excited about the opportunity. The reason I’m writing you is to ask if you would be willing and interested in donating some our your time. Our facility is connected with St. Louis University. It would be amazing if you could find the time to speak here. And it would truly be my honor to meet you and watch you facilitate The Work with others. No matter what your decision is, I am thankful to you for helping me find happiness, joy, and most of all inner peace.

With love,

If any Certified Facilitators would like to present The Work at this prison, please email

Moscow Workshop

Dear Katie,

I am thrilled to report to you that I am going to Moscow at the end of the month to do a 5 day immersion into The Work. We have 12 people registered so far and many more interested. Many of them have been doing The Work on Skype with me and with each other for a long while. Many great discoveries and transformations are taking place.

This workshop effectively signifies that I am starting the Coach of The Work program, which will entail in-person workshops in Moscow and a number of teleclasses, and will take about 18 months to complete. There is a huge interest in The Work, particularly among psychologists.

I wanted to share with you this observation that was made during a teleclass by one of the participants, a young kindergarten teacher from Ukraine named Tatiana:

“Each of the thoughts was creating an emotional and physical response. They were ‘creating’ me. So I started ‘creating’ them. A little while later I suddenly realized that each of the thoughts, like a little mirror, focuses a ray of our consciousness, it ‘imprisons’ it, attaching perception to itself. “

If there ise a possibility for you to send a short greeting to these wonderful amazing people, I would be most grateful.

Thank you for The Work, for you, and for the love that it brings,

Olga Berg, Certified Facilitator




Dearest Olga,

I am SO filled with excitement for your dears. I love that they have the love and freedom that your generous heart, invitation, and The Work bring them through your course. Also, if a Skype call is possible I would be honored to join for a bit. The Work lives in teleclasses in Russia through you, dearest, and beyond what we can possibly know. For that freedom, I am grateful to you and all the people you touch and all whom they touch.

xoxo bk


Dear Katie,

I am writing to you with deep gratitude for all the support that you have extended over the years to the Russian community with The Work. We had an absolutely amazing 5 day workshop in Moscow. Patrie came along and helped. The 24 participants were incredible. Thank you so much for the webcast, it really set the right tone to the event. Our training program is running and the first group will be graduating next fall. They are deeply committed to The Work— people with tremendous desire to evolve and serve. I am working on finding scholarships for some of them and hopefully getting a group together for the School.

Here is some feedback from the Moscow class:

Natalia, Russia: “My world is changing imperceptibly and inevitably. At the end of the fifth day, my heart ached as if it were cut into two halves: one was the ocean of suffering, upsets and false thoughts that I saw in myself, a black ocean of the ego, in which I was drowning; the second—craving light and sensing the alluring “smell” of happiness and something incredibly high, what I have been looking for all my life, it seems. On the bus, a friend helped do The Work on the black cloud and I calmed down. Today at every step I stumble upon “myself,” I see more clearly my reactions, preferences and judgments of others. Turnarounds come by themselves and open purity of life. I just walk, just sit, just talk, just write this letter. And it’s “just”-as long-awaited peace. And thanks to Life, Unknown God, Olga, Patrie, and all of you, friends! :)))))))))))))))) Thanks!”

Faina, Moscow: “The Work can help get rid of dependence! In the morning I explored the thought: ​​‘I want coffee.’ ‘Is it true?’ Asking myself what I feel when I think this thought, I hear the protest rising from my liver ‘No!’ And without this thought I feel the sweet energy in the solar plexus. The turnarounds: ‘I do not want coffee,’ and ‘coffee does not want me’ (I just ran out of it), and ‘I want myself’ are much truer for me. Is it possible to compare the taste of a mouthful of an ordinary thing like coffee with a gulp of eternity?”

Olga, Siberia: “For me the workshop ‘Revolution of the Mind’ became a true revolution. Illusions of the past, illusions of my self-perception, perceptions of other people, illusions of my firm convictions—all dispersed into dust. Instead came love and joy, sometimes childish and excitable, sometimes quiet and very calm, so thick and dense that others can feel it. It was so powerful that five days seemed like a month. The state of love, love for myself, my family, the world, is just overwhelming. Thank you to Olga, Patrie, Natalia, and all participants in the workshop.”

Natalia , Russia: “My feelings after everything settled down a bit: The Work at the workshop cracked a protective shell which consisted entirely of my stories, and in which I lived. And that shell never matched reality. I do not know how many more of these layers The Work will reveal, but to see this and explore it is very nice. Even if it seems to be very painful at first. It was an amazing workshop, thank you all :)”

Moscow was incredible, and I really hope we can help you come one day.

Love to you,



Getting Free of My Stories

Dear Katie,

Just over a year ago you generously help me attend The School (March 2013).  The School and continued Work, have been life-changing experiences, for which I am eternally grateful.  I’ve dealt with issues that had defined my life for far too long (sister’s death, Rwanda genocide) and it’s been incredible to release the old “stories” and be free.  The Work has also been a valuable tool with students in my Transcultural Nursing course. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Thank you again, Katie for Everything (with a capital E!).  I love the newsletters and really appreciate your “At Home” and “Conversations with Byron Katie” webcasts – opportunities to see you and be with you without travel!  Thank you!

Love, D

Life after the School

I would love to share with you, especially since some of you are personally part of my journey to my homecoming by being available to work with me, what I answered for the School Reunion Webcast and what has changed for me:

Life with my 6 yr. old daughter has become much more peaceful. I stay calmer, it´s easier for me to stay present and not go into stories of the past and the future. This helps tremendously in not overreacting to what´s happening here and now. I have found the many ways I try for people to like me (and how I perform) and I keep finding ME more and more often by asking “do I like being with myself in that moment with what I do/don´t do, how I do it, how I perceive it, what I think about it”. I find that recognition from the outside suddenly becomes less of a requisite anymore. I´m starting to deeply feel again and being touched by music, laughter, hugs, the beauty of the patterns of my curtains and how sensual they feel on my body when I stand next to them and the wind blows them onto me. I´m at the same time scared shitless to lose it again and return to that needy, anxious, desperate & separate place. I will keep on WORKing until I´m being it.

A very big thank you to you D.L.! You gave me hope by shortly sharing your story with me and how it all changed for you sticking to it and you.

And such a heartfelt thank you to all of you wonderful, generous people who take the time to do The Work and who are available to me when I call on you.

E. J.

Letter: From Sylvia

Dear Katie,

I wish to participate again in the nine-day School for the Work to be held in July this year. It is my hope that I will gain some more experience and would work towards being certificated.

Ever since I left the School last year on the 28th of July 2013 my life was a complete change. I now watch my diet and do morning walks and as a result my blood pressure is no longer alarming to the extent that my physician reduced the quantity intake of my medication. I realised that going through inquiry helped me to be in touch with my inner self. I had not forgiven my late husband Maston Vumbunu for transmitting the deadly virus HIV to me, but I wrote a letter to apologise to him at the School, which was a major turning point. The letter made me forgive him and appreciate so many things that he had done for me for the seven years we were married.

That made me change the way I talk to my son about him. It made my son ask me what really transpired at the School of the Work. My son had noticed a great change in my stories about his father. I now talk good about him.

I also noticed that the stressful thoughts are universal. There are no thoughts which belong to HIV positive people only, therefore discovering that The Work is for all people e.g. HIV negative people, cancer patients, gay and lesbians, the old, and even children and teenagers.

I now face my thoughts head-on with inquiry. The Work is an ongoing process in my life. All I need is pen and paper to lead me to freedom.

Being the eldest child in a family of five, I was always out of my way and in my siblings’ business, creating more stress for myself. Now because of The Work, I can give room to my siblings to solve their own problems. When an issue comes to my attention, I question whether it is my business, theirs, or God’s. The Work also helped me not to fight with reality because I will never win the war.

We had a self stigma course using “inquiry-based stress reduction: The Work of Bryon Katie” (IBSR), which left me very liberated when we came back from the School. I no longer want to be treated with special care at funerals, church gatherings, etc. I also questioned so many thoughts involving my HIV status.

I also gained as a facilitator and as participant. We did “popcorn” and realised that The Work is for everyone, i.e facilitator and participant. I used to think that since I was involved in so many HIV workshops and also an HIV activist, I would not stigmatise myself. I realised that I had so many occasions and instances whereby I stigmatised myself and those around me.

My vision on how to move The Work in Zimbabwe among the people living with HIV is to cascade The Work, first to all the support groups in the capital city Harare and then Zimbabwe as a whole so that many people benefit. Also to have more local facilitators receiving training at the School for the Work, for I hope to see The Work moving to other provinces in Zimbabwe, since ZNNP+ has support groups throughout the country . I also hope that one day the School for The Work will be done in Africa in Zimbabwe and have local Certified Facilitators.

My commitment to move The Work is to give all I can, 100%. I will use my weekends and other afternoons to do The Work with the participants. I also created a whatsapp and a Facebook group chats for the Community of the Work in Zimbabwe. We watch videos and listen to audios from BKI. I take it upon myself to remind members of the Community to come for The Work and encourage them to read books by Byron Katie.

So far I contributed in translating the yellow card in our native language. I am now working on translating the sheet “Instructions for Doing the Work “.

I hope this information will meet your expectation and favourable consideration.

Yours Faithfully,
Sylivia V

Letter: From Nysha

Dear Katie,

My wish is to participate again in the nine-day School for The Work for July 2014 so as to further gain experience in anticipation of working towards certification.

Because of The Work I am a changed person in terms of relationships, diet, and exercising. The work done in 2013 helped understand more about my environment and myself, whereby introspection on self is involved, thereby ending up with self-realisation through the turnaround. Not all the stress that I experience is because of the “outside world” but I realised that I was contributing to that stress. Thanks to Katie and The Work I now have forgiven my late father, late husband, and aunts, for I found out that holding on to the past actually stressed me more and hindered my health status.

The Work also took me through the process of accepting reality, for I was a person who would question “Why me?“ but failed to have fulfilling answers. I would end up blaming myself that God / the world is unfair. This would cause more stress on me, for some of the issues were not even my business. Some of the issues were really my siblings’ to handle, but I ended up in their realm. As a result of The Work, I now allow my brothers and sisters to work on their own challenges.

I now look at challenges differently than before I did The Work, accepting them as they come for I now have space to do The Work with myself before getting into mood swings or crying a lot without hope.

After the School I accept circumstances as they unfold and move on with life. At my workplace I had a last-minute change of class when I had already planned for another one allocated to me. Some workmates were surprised that I did not confront my boss on the issue but accepted and began to plan for the given grades, which eliminated stress and helped me manage the situation better

When we came back from the school in 2013, we set up two groups of people living with HIV to deal with self stigma. This course led me to freedom – there was lightness rather than heaviness in my heart pertaining to how HIV was transmitted to me. At first my perception was to help out our mates with self stigma as a facilitator, but then I realised that The Work is for both the participant and the facilitator. It helped me reflect back to the early days of my diagnosis with HIV. I discovered that they are some instances where I was stigmatizing myself and those around me where acting/commenting on what I would have started myself.

My vision for moving forward The Work among people living with HIV as part of the leaders of the community of the work of Zimbabwe in future is to expand it so that many will benefit, beginning with the support groups of People Living with HIV in Harare Metropolitan Province. Also to have more local facilitators receiving training at the School for The Work, for I would also wish to see The Work cascading to the other 9 provinces of Zimbabwe, ZNNP has its membership in the ten provinces of Zimbabwe. I also dream of having Zimbabwe as a resource centre for The Work in southern Africa and Africa as a whole, “thereby bringing The Work to Africa.” To counter “discrimination,” I would also like to see ourselves working with other groups, i.e. diabetic, cancer patients, divorcees, the bereaved, and youths, and partner with more organisations, for I have learnt that The Work is for all.

My commitment to moving The Work is holding sessions during some weekends excluding public holidays and some afternoons during the week with the communities including the groups we formed in 2013. I would also remind people of our meetings, i.e. time and venue, and also post some messages from BK and urging them always refer to the books she wrote. The other commitment is the translating of materials where needed from English to Shona for the general understanding of the participants. So far I assisted in translating the yellow card when we did the self stigma course. Currently I am working on the self stigma sheet on “instructions on doing The Work.”

I hope the given information will meet your expectations and favourable consideration.

Yours Truly
Nyasha T.

Letter: From a Certified Facilitator of The Work

Dear Katie,

Thank you.

What a beautiful gift to bring The Work to TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). Thom Herman and I offered The Work to the families and loved ones who had someone die in war or by suicide, at The 20th Annual Survivor Event in Arlington, Virginia.

We experienced such open minds here, loved ones truly tired of the pain of living their own internal war. Most who attended were new to The Work, and the transformations through inquiry were just so incredible to witness – the change in the way people looked from doing the inquiry was mind-blowing. What a gift those examples of the Turnarounds truly are.

A while back I remember The Work referred to as “The Great Undoing” – this was my experience at TAPS.

Love and Gratitude,