Book Tour: 15 October 2017 A Mind at Home with Itself hosted by Wanderlust Hollywood

Join Byron Katie as she launches her latest book, A Mind at Home with Itself, which springs from the brilliant clarity of the Diamond Sutra and The Work. Katie will engage with participants using her radical self-inquiry that is so sharp it can cut through the most obstinate stressful thought and lead you to the freedom that is your birthright.


Byron Katie is honored to spend time with the community at Wanderlust Hollywood, which brings together a fusion of experiences for your journey toward a mindful and inspired life—to finding your true north. Through sharing practice, food, and ideas, this community forms and thrives.


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The Work and Mindfulness

Apart from my current job, I am taking a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Teacher Training program to become one of the very first MBSR teachers in Croatia. I feel great appreciation for the MBSR program and the work of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and was sad to find none of it is familiar in Croatia – almost no MBSR courses are available here and mindfulness practice in schools, hospitals, business, etc. is very modest, if there is any. I therefore decided to do the training on my own and bring MBSR and mindfulness practice in general to my country, to start speaking up for its benefits. According to the current dynamic of my training, I would start teaching MBSR courses in January 2018. I have the same sense of gratitude for The Work of Byron Katie. Benefits that I have personally experienced from doing The Work in this short period of time since I found out about it are enormous, but I find a lot of “work” is here to be done and find the School would be the most efficient way to do it. I believe the experience of attending the School for the Work would be a valuable addition to my MBSR courses, both for my personal role as a teacher and for my students as well. From what I am learning about The Work, I believe MBSR participants would deepen their experience enormously by getting in touch with how they can approach their thoughts once they have recognized them as thoughts. It is my heart’s desire that in my country as many people as possible will enroll with the MBSR courses and learn about The Work, and in that way, make their conscious steps towards living their lives free from mind’s conditioning and suffering that it causes. As I see it, every single person that “comes home” in such a way stops spreading reflections of his or her imprisonment to the outer world, stops projecting the suffering to his or her beloved ones and becomes an inspiration for other people who cross his or her path, which creates a better world in an instant. Granting me a scholarship to attend the School for the Work would enable me to pursue this approach thoroughly.


The Work in Russia

Dearest Katie,

Thank you for sharing The Work with the world.

I just came back from Russia, where we had the most joyful and wonderful Work event with 48 participants, and then there was a wonderful one in Kiev, Ukraine.

It is difficult to describe the joy, warmth, and love that were there, so many open hearts and so much connection. Thank you so much for all your blessings and support and for inviting the dear ones to the School.

With love and gratitude,


Testimonial Tuesday

The Work of Byron Katie is an extraordinarily effective tool for personal growth and inner awakening. Taking up The Work in earnest has revealed the many challenges of my life to be playing but perfect parts in the unfolding of an amazing transformational journey. As the owner of a leadership coaching & consulting business, the Turnaround House helped me see that at the core of all transformational change is self-leadership – the ability to look in the mirror and be the change I want to see in others. By peeling the onion during daily intensive Worksessions, I learned that true influence, true power comes not from influence over others, but from authenticity, integrity – my ability, above all, to be true to myself. From this has come a freedom, a joy, and a trust in life that has only continued to grow since my time in residence. Now, anything that disrupts me holds the key to my growth. Freedom is a choice and The Work is the unlocking move. I will be forever grateful to Katie and the staff at Turnaround House for the profound impact they have had in both my personal and professional life. – NC
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Podcast: How to be Successful—The Work of Byron Katie


This podcast is also available on iTunes.

Vanessa Jane Patrick of the “Limitless Potential” podcast interviews Byron Katie. Katie describes her experience of waking up to reality. Vanessa then asks Katie about identity.

Vanessa: If we don’t identify with our thoughts, then what is our identity?

BK: Well, we’re not left with much for ourselves, and yet a lot. If my husband says “I love you,” what he’s thinking and believing about me is who I am to him. My children the same. All people in my life—the same. What they are thinking and believing about me becomes my identity within them. Each identity is held as a separate structure by everyone who knows me. That’s a lot of identities!

For myself, when I see me in my mind’s eye in a situation from the past, that is not me. That’s not my identity; that’s an image. I am the one here speaking to you now, and that’s all the identity I need to hold on to for the moment. When a mind is at home with itself, no identity is necessary. The mind is just wide open to everything, because that’s what love is.I question anything that would interfere with that. And I invite the world to it. Suffering is optional. Living this way is nothing that I can decide or do; it’s the consciousness that I’m left with after inquiry.

Vanessa: How can we have a more creative, fabulous life?

BK: Every time we question our mind, there’s less fake news in the way, fewer things that are not true for us. Inquiry clears the junk out of the mind. In that space of clarity, the choices we make are brilliant. They come out of knowledge and pure creativity and they’re doable. And the directions are all there. But all the things we’re thinking and believing that create the false self, “I, I, I, me, me, me,” is the clutter which keeps us from the awareness of the wisdom that’s always there. Questioning our thoughts is how we give wisdom enough space to reveal itself to us. It’s just waiting for an open mind.

Vanessa: That’s a process I’ve used myself and have found tremendously valuable with clients in shifting their perspective. It creates that space. It’s so freeing. Can we give our audience an example of what inquiry looks like with the four questions, and invite them to go to and check out the tutorial videos? For example, a client has the thought: “I don’t deserve success.”

BK: I’d ask something a little more basic: “I want success”—is it true? Can you see how much is in that question? Especially if you have a family; it’s a lot to consider. Then close your eyes and meditate on the next question. How do I react, what happens when I believe the thought “I want success”? I compare myself to others. I see them in their suits with their power. They’re going up the elevator in their very own building (laughs). And then I compare that with me, and I am not looking good. I see me trying harder and harder, and failing and failing, when I believe the thought “I want success.” I see my money running out and see what I’ve invested. Then I see me trying again. So I explore that as it’s so telling. No wonder I’m exhausted. That’s emotional and it’s going on all the time. People who are the CEOs of Fortune 500 businesses do exactly the same thing, and it’s not fun. The mind compares. That’s how the ego works. Who would I be without the thought “I want to be successful”? Then I examine my life without that thought superimposed over my life. And then I turn it around to find opposites, like: “I don’t want success.” I open my mind to find “What does that mean to me”? That’s radical for someone who has been worshiping the thought “I want success.” Maybe success would mean time away from my children. Success could require me to hire and fire, and then I feel an onslaught of work. And maybe that’s okay with me, but it also shows me what I need to do to be successful. When we believe we want that success, it wipes out the awareness that we already have success if our goal is a happy life. It’s self-education. We’re tapping into that wisdom whenever we get still like that. And there’s no limit to where The Work on just one concept can take you.

Vanessa: Do you find it’s more difficult for people who have had an actual past experience or is it just the same? For instance if they had all of that success and they lost it.

BK: It would be exactly the same inquiry.

Vanessa: If you could instill one insight into the minds of everybody in the world right now, what would that belief be?

BK: If you’re suffering, there’s a way to end that suffering. That way is to identify what you are thinking and believing about yourself or another person, and write it down and question it.

Freedom is like being brought to love. There’s nothing outside of that. —Byron Katie


Testimonial Tuesday

“I was introduced to The Work about 2 years ago. It has absolutely changed my life. I have been acting since I was 10 years old and have dreamt about being a successful actor since then. I was always going on auditions, reading books, attending rehearsals, or watching movies and plays. I concerned my entire life with making it as a professional actor and tried not to concern myself with much else. When I attended my freshman year of college I came face to face with all the buried difficulties, trauma, and sadness that I had pushed aside through my steadfast attitude throughout life. In the first semester of my freshman year my world seemed to collapse and I entered a deep depression. I am incredibly grateful to Ashley Gates Jansen for introducing The Work into my life and to the universe/karma/reality/God for allowing a spark to ignite with it. Since I began practicing The Work, not only did my life turn around, but I also began an incredible spiritual search. I began to read Katie’s books along with Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Rupert Spira, Gangaji, Ramana Maharshi, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and others. I started to meditate in a more traditional style as well as continue to meditate through The Work. I have taken this semester off from college, and since May I have been traveling around and staying at different monasteries and spiritual centers. I have been doing many silent meditation retreats these past 6 months, filling my curiosity with traditions that have spread all over the globe over countless past centuries. This search has currently brought me to Pokhara, Nepal where I am living with a Tibetan Buddhist family and volunteering at an orphanage. I will be here until Christmas and then returning to school to continue with my arts’ education.

Over all of my exploration and “spiritual window shopping” I have found that nothing I’ve found is as applicable, useful, and transformative as The Work. In fact, all of the searching and learning has not only helped with gaining an intellectual and feeling understanding of life and the principles that Hinduism and Buddhism were founded upon, but has also allowed The Work to slowly open and reveal ever deepening layers of those incredible 4 questions. My spiritual life seems to be budding like a flower and The Work synchronizes its opening with me. I continue to be amazed and grateful every time I complete a worksheet and my heart expands even more. I feel forever blessed to have this inquiry in my life and hope to spread it to every person who enters my awareness who is seeking truth, freedom, and happiness. I full heartedly believe that in order to help others one must first help themselves, and that truth has confirmed itself in my life as people only seem to come to me for help when I am feeling emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. Then I get the wonderful opportunity to share The Work and help open up the universal heart. I hope The School for The Work will allow me to deepen my understanding  and in turn I will be able to give back more to my friends and family who populate this world and who allow me to live in this beautiful place.” – WC


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Loving What Is by Byron Katie

Book Tour: 12 October 2017 A Mind at Home with Itself Hosted by Third Place Books

In A Mind at Home with Itself, Byron Katie illuminates one of the most profound ancient Buddhist texts, The Diamond Sutra (newly translated in these pages by distinguished scholar Stephen Mitchell) to reveal the nature of the mind and to liberate us from painful thoughts, using her revolutionary system of self-inquiry called “The Work.” Byron Katie doesn’t merely describe the awakened mind; she empowers us to see it and feel it, in action. At once startlingly fresh and powerfully enlightening, A Mind at Home with Itself offers us a transformative new perspective on life and death and is certain to become a classic.


“I think Byron Katie is just a real thing. I love her to death. She’s pure and her intent is only to serve and she brings people back to reality so quickly. Teaches them not to believe their limiting thoughts and to question them and find the real truth.” Tony Robbins


“Katie is at home with her true self. There is both poetry and prose in her words as she guides and points us toward the peace that she is, and knows we are.” Jane Lynch

“Byron Katie has rocked my world and shaken loose my mind more thoroughly than any other spiritual teacher I’ve ever encountered. I would recommend A Mind At Home With Itself to anyone like me–to anyone who has ever felt like her own mind was a very dangerous neighborhood.” Elizabeth Gilbert


STEPHEN MITCHELL’S many books include the bestselling Tao Te ChingThe Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria RilkeGilgameshThe Gospel According to JesusThe Book of JobThe Second Book of the TaoThe Iliad, and The Odyssey. You can read extensive excerpts from all his books on his website,


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Book Tour: 23 September 2017 A Mind at Home with Itself

Join Byron Katie to experience the freedom of undoing whatever makes you unhappy, allowing your mind to return to its true, awakened, peaceful, creative nature. With her humor and lovingly incisive clarity, Katie will show you how to identify and question the stressful thoughts that cause all the suffering and violence in the world. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and to do The Work with Katie. Who would you be without your story?



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Katie’s new book, A Mind At Home With Itself

Testimonial Tuesday

“I am not exaggerating when I say that the School for The Work was one of the best experiences of my life. I had no idea that something so wonderful existed in the world, and now that I have experienced it, I know that I have to be more connected to The Work and its presence in the world. At the School I felt like I was home for the first time in a long time. I am a psychotherapist, and I am so glad to be a part of this. The Work has been alive in me for years, but now I know that it is not just a small piece of my life but must somehow take a much larger focus. I look forward to finding out where that trust will take me.” -RM
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Book Tour: 19 September 2017 A Mind at Home with Itself Hosted by Book Passage Bookstore

In A Mind at Home with Itself, Byron Katie illuminates one of the most profound ancient Buddhist texts, The Diamond Sutra (newly translated in these pages by distinguished scholar Stephen Mitchell) to reveal the nature of the mind and to liberate us from painful thoughts, using her revolutionary system of self-inquiry called “The Work.” Katie doesn’t merely describe the awakened mind; she empowers us to see it and feel it, in action. At once startlingly fresh and powerfully enlightening, this title offers us a transformative new perspective on life and death and is certain to become a classic.

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Podcast: How to Work with Trauma—The Work of Byron Katie in Zurich

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A man does The Work onstage with Byron Katie during her 2017 Zurich event. In English with German translation. The first statement on his Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet is “I am saddened by my father because he beat and abused me.” BK: In any situation, I really want to know what is real, and what is not, so I question the thoughts that cause my suffering. It’s my job to wake myself up to reality. The fantasy is not that pleasant, so just begin now. This is the time and the place. And what I love about sitting in silence, in The Work, is that it’s all there. Be aware that you are dreaming your past. Notice the difference between reality and imagination. Through doing The Work with Katie, the man discovers some peace in a situation that was pure horror.

“What I love about the past is that it’s over.” —Byron Katie

“Mind is the creator of everything, without exception.” —Byron Katie

Fill our a Judge-Your-Neighbor worksheet, here.




Book Tour: 21 September 2017 A Mind at Home with Itself hosted by InsightLA

Step into an evening of radical self-inquiry with Byron Katie, as she launches her new book, A Mind at Home with Itself. The book weaves the brilliant clarity of the Diamond Sutra with the power of The Work, her method of self-inquiry. Katie will engage participants, using The Work, which is so sharp that it can cut through the most obstinate stressful thought and lead you to the freedom that is your birthright.


When the mind understands its true nature, it becomes an unceasing flow of delight. —Byron Katie, from A Mind at Home with Itself


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The Clearer Your Mind…

The clearer your mind gets, the more it projects a friendly universe, until one day it occurs to you that you haven’t had a problem for a very long time.

Pre-Order A Mind At Home With Itself, here.