What’s the difference between the School for The Work and The Work?

I just received an email with this question: “What’s the difference between the School for The Work and The Work?”

The Work is offered at no charge through, thework.com web site, and the booklet, The Work of Byron Katie, An Introduction – The Little Book.

The School for The Work on the other hand, is a nine-day event. It’s for people who are tired of their suffering, people who long for freedom, who really want to know the truth and are ready for peace.

In the School for The Work, I take people through every nightmare I ever experienced. (No nightmare is foreign; we carry them all inside us.) I show them how to walk themselves through everyone of their own fears, until they are confident that they have the key to the end of their own suffering alive within them. If they have a problem, real or imagined (all problems are imagined), we work with it. I take them into the depths of hell and out again. We travel. All are welcome, and I love that my staff is entirely made up of earlier participants in The School.

Imagine the most painful experiences you’ve ever had—with your parents, your partner, your friends, your children.

Now imagine your life without that pain.

How would things be different? What if you no longer felt attached to your fears, your self-judgments, or your disappointments? What if, for the rest of your life, you couldn’t play the victim, and you even welcomed problems?

The School makes this a possibility. Only you can decide how The School will change your life. The deeper you go in, the more your world changes.

On the first evening, I sometimes ask the participants what they want to take home from The School. They say things like “I want peace of mind” or “I want to be free” or “I want to be a more loving person” or “I want to be less anxious about my problems” or “I want to be less self-absorbed” or “I want to live without fear” or “I want to be happy, whether I have a lover or not.”

By the end of The School, they all say that they have found a way of to end their suffering, and that they got even more than what they originally wanted. People come out so changed that their families are entirely grateful and often astounded. The Work has awakened within every participant who comes with an open mind, and there is nothing that they can do to shut it down. Once the four questions are alive inside you, your mind becomes clear, and therefore the world you project becomes clear. This is more radical than anyone can possibly imagine.

You can listen to an clip in which staff members, a recent graduate of The School, and I answer questions about the School for The Work. I facilitate The Work with a women on her anger at God and with a man on his frustration with his wife’s blaming.

For more information about when the next School for The Work is, check out our events page.

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  1. Dear Byron Katie,

    I want to personally thank you for giving me the tools to change a belief that was destroying me.

    I came to your work via The Passion Test, a book which saved my life. I had been for some years in a deep state of depression and felt so worthless that I anticipated ending it all – thinking that my life insurance would be of more value to my family than I was.

    To cut a long story short, for there are many layers to our beliefs, the one that was hurting the most and core to other negative beliefs that were riding on it, was that I had failed my father. He had some very wrong medical procedures which had destroyed his kidneys and liver and all but caused his death. The IC staff had withdrawn life support but he could not die due to them having put a pacemaker in and Dad was in great distress.

    Our family was sent out of the ward on some excuse that I cannot remember, but I turned back just in time to see the attending physician inject something through his chest into his heart and he died.

    I knew what they had done and kept it to myself as I did not want any other family members to know and suffer.

    Until I used The Work my feelings of deep sadness and overwhelming guilt consumed my life. The image of the doctor with the syringe would keep coming to mind in vivid detail at any time of the day or night. I was simply not functioning on any level and realise that it was Post Traumatic Stress.

    Doing The Work allowed me to reframe what I saw and change my thoughts from those B#’s killed my dad to one where it was a kindness to nullify the pacemaker so that he could die.

    The relief was enormous and the start of more realisations. I have always believed that the happiness and well being of my family and friends was my responsiblity when it clearly is not.

    I still have a very long way to go but am finally moving forward.

    In August I am following my passion and driving a horse drawn Gypsy Caravan 1700kms through the desert. Two months ago I would never have done that.

    I will create my healing center for children. I don’t know the how of it yet but I will train with you, Janet Attwood and Morty Lefkoe and support children to create miracles in their lives.

    Kindest Regards


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