The School for The Work: April 2007

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  1. Wonderful wonderful Katie.

    Wish I were there and I am thrilled to be here with me. Wonderful wonderful me. Getting lighter and lighter. sending you all love and appreciation. Orly

  2. Hi Katie and School participants! Orly, I loved your post so much I had to respond….yes, I also wanted to attend the School this time, and here I am, with myself, which is turning out to be delicious and exciting.

    I feel like I am with you all, and hey, look: I am!

    Much love,


  3. Re the Virgina Tech shootings. What can you say or do for the survivors, the families of the dead, poeple in general, so that they wouldn’t react with horror and revulsion when you display the Work for them?

  4. Dearest Katie,
    I have only recently discovered the work and have to say it is the closest to the truth of what my heart feels that I have ever found. I used to think I was searching for enlightenment now I understand that what I have been searching for is truth. I have studied under many teachers since I was 18 (now 43). My heart is pulling me (as it always has) to teach the truth in anyway possible as I understand you learn what you teach (and I am a very happy and willing student!). My life is nothing short of a disaster and I have been to court 3 times in the last 3 years (twice with my ex husband and once with my 15 year old son who decided to divorce me and live with his rich gay auntie!).I am also dealing with my daily drug addiction to smoke and have just started to do the worksheets on this. I watch your videos on youtube daily and hope that soon you will come to Australia or that I could have enough money to attend your school one day soon (better put in the lotto ticket!). I have to live in this grace, gratitude and love daily as this is the way I feel I am meant to be and it just feels sooo good, joyous and clearly right. Thankyou I now call everyone sweetheart and ask is that true when they come to me with their pain that I relate to so deeply. You are a true sweetheart with tears in my eyes and grace in my heart all my love michele

  5. Dear Katie,
    I’m from Portugal.I came here thanks to Michael Gelb’s books “Da Vinci decoded” and “How to think like Leonardo Da Vinci”, where he mentionned your work. Those books have been like a Bible for me, and, at the age of 50, my life has really changed.I could say I’m reborn.I’m really seeking for my path and real mission in this life.
    I was glad I had this opportunity to get in touch with you, my dear.I have been sitting here watching some of your wonderful clips and loved them.Thank you very much!They are very healing and an inspiration. I’ll come back.May God bless you!

  6. katie,i started the work three months ago,i was already starting to live in the now but there was something missing,the first time i did it,i felt like my heart was being ripped apart when i was passing judgements and turning them around,i felt something was afraid of been found out,i felt it shake physically inside of me,it was like the thing i always knew but failed to find,when i even hear your voice i smile,but i know its because its me reflecting back,its like a wonderfully funny paradox,thank you so,so much for your light!

  7. Dear Katie, the Staff of the LA school, and all my fellow participants,

    I cannot put into words the depth of the awakening that has been happening for me, day by day, hour by hour, since I “left” the school and returned to my life. I have been a therapist, client, and seeker of every sort of truth and freedom for the past 25 years. Nothing else but the work has facilitated such a profound, direct, and quick effect of opening my heart and mind to the truth of reality, the self, and this unameable ground of love we are all living within. It continues to touch me and every person I touch, and my husband and I have taken to doing it every chance we get. Thank you so very much, each and every one of my teachers at the school, for the gifts you have given me of yourself and my self, home at last.

    With profound appreciation,

    Cori Pansarasa
    Oakland CA

  8. Dearest Katie,
    I have been a student of “A Course in Miracles” for the past 25 years and gone through great transformation and some extended periods of God’s grace because of it. But I knew that something was yet missing and I did not know where to look to top the Course. Who could ever shed light on A Course in Miracles?!!!!… I thought. It has been my bible for so long.
    Then, Spirit sent Katie along. Well, in 9 days at the school you and The Work brought it ALL HOME. After 25 years of undoing the ego lie by lie it was not yet completely undone. The School did it! You brought me back to earth and opened up the gates to the Kingdom. I am having trouble finding more universal beliefs to do the work on! I am sure stressful thoughts will show up again but now I know how to undo them gently.
    Life is flowing and joy is springing again from within. Such grace… such love… such peace…
    I am a religious with a wonderful open-minded Congregation and they accepted to pay for the School. I am a “misionary” in Peru and will spread The Work as best I can. I can offer you my ability to translate any material into spanish and/or french. You are welcome to ask.
    All my gratitude,

  9. Notes on A Workshop

    Dear Katy,
    Interesting. I just misspelled workshop as “worshop,” which showed me an intriguing connection to the idea of “worship.”
    Yesterday, I sponsored a workshop on The Work at The Yoga Loft in Waitsfield, Vermont. I invited Jim Frank from Malvern Sweat Lodge in Pennsylvania to present The Work as I don’t yet feel able to present it really well myself. We had 21 people attend, and I’m pleased with the results. People seemed like they got a good taste of what The Work is, and I did what I intended, which was…

    1. Make The Work available to more people.
    2. Watch someone more experienced than I am do the presenting, and not interfere.
    3. Get some more ideas about how The Work Works, and how I want to present it.

    One of the issues that keep coming up is something like, “I’m trying in my life not to be judgmental, and this work asks me to begin by Judging My Neighbor.” I didn’t think of it during the workshop, but it occurred to me last night that, when this question comes up, I could ask, “Haven’t you been doing a lot of work reinforcing the judgment that judging is a bad thing?”
    The real point I think is that we all continue to judge, constantly, even if consciously we’re only judging ourselves for being judgmental. The Work asks us if we want to believe those judgments, which occur spontaneously, without any forethought or intention. What The Work reveals to me is that our judging, and our thinking, is naïve, spontaneous and childlike, and that we are each entangled in a huge blanket of judgments and beliefs that we’ve been weaving around ourselves since we were tiny children.
    If we deny and resist this process all we really do is drive it underground. If we let our beliefs and judgments express themselves, freshly and just as they are, and then question them, we start to unlearn things, unburden ourselves, unbecome all the things that are troubling us about how we encounter the world.
    I love things I can’t stand! What a rich experience of frustration and righteousness! And now I can use those things, which used to be the walls of my prison, as the keys to unlock all the doors! I spent three days with you at Kripalu last summer, and an evening at Zen Peacemakers last fall, and I’m coming to The School in Trumbull. Keep asking me if it’s true, Katie.

    Jim Dodds

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