Unwrap Your Thoughts, Day 10—Gift for Everyone

The tenth gift for you during “Unwrap Your Thoughts. 12 days in presents (oops, presence).

Is it hard for you to let someone be right? How does that feel? Share in the comments below.


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  1. Just completed ACIM #135 yesterday, can be difficult to remember and feels very strange at first:

    If I defend myself I am attacked
    But in defenselessness I will be strong
    And I will learn what my defenses hide

    1. At first a little ego-ouch. Then: relief. I don’t have to be right nor carry the responsibility of having to know anything anymore. I can just let life support me with this too.

  2. But I too want to be right. So where does that leave us. Do I let them be right all the time? If I do that I can be walked over forgotten and abused because I am never right. One might think I am stupid. Or egotistical if I just let them be right and they find out that I was right. This too can cause a rift in the relationship because we as humans are not necessarily capable of letting go of our egos and claiming I was not correct!

  3. sometimes it is hard. depends on the conversation and who.. and really, i know that when i am still it’s not about “who” or the “conversation” it’s about my thoughts about those things.

    so yeah, it’s hard sometimes. normally with my parents… my dad mostly because he can be SO wrong!!! hahaha. like he could honestly say something that would contradict reality and i’ve found sometimes i NEED to tell him, “that’s not true, dad… it’s NOT true at all and i won’t ever believe you”.

    so yeah, katie, sometimes it is hard not to say, “i don’t agree and i am not believing what you say”.

    and… in some more still, moments when i don’t have this need to be right, i like it better when i can listen and just say nothing or “wow how interesting”… and i’ve noticed myself in him, sometimes holding on to things that are not true, but wanting others to buy into them.

    so there is my answer for today.

    thanks for these little gifts.. i’m unwrapping them as i make time. xo

  4. yes , it is sometimes hard to let the others be right.
    Becuase some times it feels so wrong.
    But how do I know if they are not right?
    Maybe yes!? And why it is so important to be right? Who knows if it is reallty true to be right’

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