Unwrap Your Thoughts, Day 6—The Perfect Gift

The sixth gift for you during “Unwrap Your Thoughts. 12 days in presents (oops, presence).

Be still and listen to receive wisdom beyond any “you” imagined. Share what you find in the stillness in the comments below.


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  1. In the Stillness I find Peace. This Peace tells me that everything I am, everything I have, was chosen by me. Love being Love must fulfil itself constantly, and that is what I am experiencing. When I go deep within I can clearly see this and a sense of complete gratitude fills me.

  2. The perfect gift is not wanting things different, when this occurs one can be with what life gives. This is the gift from life, not from selfish want or desire.

    Our greatest relief is to accept things the way they are. Our greatest misgiving is wanting them to be in some other way. Michael Cupo

  3. Letting my mother go, allowing her to leave me, allowing her to feel miserable, allowing her to be any kind of mother she wants to be. And still love her, love her even more.

  4. The perfect gift is to realize and accept myself. That I am loved by me and others and what occurs in relationships is part me and part them. It is hard work to love all the time but it is the best.

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