We have the power…

We have the power to be happy under all circumstances — Byron Katie

Are you happy now?


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  1. Dear Katie,

    I am not happy. I am from Iran and I live and work in Iraq. I am an optimistic person by nature and usually don’t hold much from people and past circumstances inside my mind. However, I always see the Middle East as the end of my happiness. It is like a black shadow or dark spot in my mind. The dictatorship, injustice, violence, torture, murder, its scattered population escaping westwards having no hope or motivation to change anything. I always wanted to teach in the Middle East to help improve the culture and motivate students, but now I see a political dungeon in front of me, bigger than me or my wishes; I am teaching students whose best chance is to go back to live in the refugee camps after graduation. I am losing hope, and I don’t like it. Khamenei, Saddam, Bush, and Al-Baghdadi should not ruin my dreams and my life like this- I always see them specially Khamenei as the ruin of my dreams. I tried very hard to forgive him many times in my life but I can’t.

    I always hold the belief that I am a citizen of the world, different nationalities are equal for me, and it bothers me a lot when I can’t travel to many countries because of the political decisions that Khamenei makes. Him and his regime remind me every time that I am Iranian and limited, that many countries are not willing to give me a job because I am Iranian, or don’t let me enter their territories, one of them is UAE. How can I forgive Khamenei, and all the fanatic Muslims who made my life hard and my calm religious beliefs to international stigma? How can I accept the rejections that I receive because of my birthplace? How can I start loving the failing Middle East, specially its backward culture, its corrupted and conservative politicians, and its terrorists? I want to live in the Middle East and to be happy, to close my eyes to the reality of everyday life, and to my students who are going back to live in the camps. How should I do that?

  2. Yes! Just start questioning! 🙂

    Here´s some beliefs I see:

    Life in the camps is bad.
    The Middle East is a dungeon
    People reject you because of your birthplace
    Fanatic Muslims make your life hard
    The Middle East is failing and has a backward culture

    ….and so on!

    If you feel insecure about how to do the questioning, you can call the free helpline (just google “The Work Helpline”.

    Just keep going! And maybe you can give The Work to some of the people who will go back into the camps – so they can help people there. Wonderful place because I bet they have a lot of free time to do it.

    Good luck!

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