What It Means To Awaken

“I think Byron Katie is just a real thing. I love her to death. She’s pure and her intent is only to serve and she brings people back to reality so quickly. Teaches them not to believe their limiting thoughts and to question them and find the real truth.” —Tony Robbins

The article: http://www.awaken.com/2017/05/awaken-interviews-anthony-tony-robbins-about-what-it-means-to-awaken/

I love you Tony, and please keep raising that bar!!   xo bk

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  1. I write here to Byron Katie as it is the only location I have found on the website where comments might reach her.
    Kate, I have done the work for years, and read all your books. Two things would be so helpful to me.
    1. Please write something general about how you view the world, relationships, etc.. Is everything projection? Is the world itself made up? Is there always a turnaround BECAUSE the situation is made up by our own interior? You have said that your husband’s marriage is none of your business – talk about that. Your Q & A teach me more than the transcripts. Please do more general knowledge. It would supplement your existing work and help practitioners go deeper.
    2. PLEASE do more — including transcripts — of the work with kids. The tiny bit you have published is tantalizing. This would not only be excellent for kids, but will show another dimensions of how the work works. We approach out thoughts as if they are children, right? I would be so interested in more about kids and the work.
    Thank you! Hope to read the above soon. Ask your editor if s/he sees a book in all this! Please!!

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