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The morning walk is a core element of Byron Katie’s School for The Work. The School is an immersion in freedom.

Books by Byron Katie include, Loving What Is, A Mind at Home with Itself, A Thousand Names for Joy.

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  1. Hi there people of the work.
    How do you all find the time to do it?!
    On average a worksheet takes me about an hour to complete, including the 4 questions and turnarounds.

    I work full time and have 2 young children, so I get about an hour free time in the evenings. I have attempted to do the work in this time, but end up falling asleep!

    I have not heard or seen any dialogues addressing the issue of time to do the work. I mean Katie had the luxury of spending lots of time alone to master inquiry, I don’t feel like the average person has that luxury.

    I believe the work could change my life. But I don’t think it’s practical for people with limited free time in their days.

    I’d love to hear any wisdom or feedback

    Thanks for your time



    1. I love that you give you an hour! And, it is enough, no hurry. Its very advantageous to slow down. Fill in your Worksheet in one sitting & simply meditate, reflect on it. That’s enough for one days hour.
      If the next day you give yourself that hour you mentioned “Work” only one (the first judgement) on yesterday’s WorkSheet. Close your eyes, relax, & simply begin to anchor on the situation on your WorkSheet & begin to Muse, contemplate, be still in the four questions and allow the answers that arise to enlighten you-(they will show themselves to you in the silence of inquiry through images, emotions, & awareness.
      That’s enough to take in & ponder for the next twenty four hours. And so on.
      You have the rest of your life to understand that life’s purpose is to be free of all that you have believed onto life. You can give you this gift one belief at a time, one day and hour at a time & inquiry can give you what nothing else & no one else can.
      In deepest respect for the hour that you offer to the rest of your amazing life. xoxo bk

  2. Hi Joel,
    I think I can answer your question. I’m a mother of two teens. When my kids were 2 and 3 I started doing The Work. Since my kids were little I’ve literally questioned hundreds of stressful thoughts. You’re right, it changed my entire life. Here’s how I did it. At first I NEEDED the worksheets but after a while I had memorized it and could do the process in my head as I was doing dishes, laundry, walking, eating, even going to the bathroom, etc. At first I printed out lots of worksheets and left them all around the house with pens and pencils close by. I asked my friends and family to facilitate me and they did gladly. My closest friend and I would call each other at any time to facilitate each other, meet for tea or lunch once or twice a week to facilitate each other, or facilitate each other while we were both at the park with our kids. I used The Work hotline, where you can set up facilitators for yourself based on your schedule. Eventually, when my son was about 6 or 7, he would even offer to ask me the four questions. We talked about it a lot in my family. The kids LOVED it when I would question a stressful thought and they wanted to help me because it always had such a soothing effect afterwards. I hope that helps. I REALLY encourage you to make lifestyle changes to make it happen. It will not only heal you but will change things for your kids and all the future generations in your family when you do. Love, Catherine Weiss

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